Wheat Streak Mite Virus (WSMV)

Wheat Streak Mite Virus (WSMV)

The wheat streak mite virus (WSMV) project titled “A Predictive Model to Increase Adoption of IPM of a Mite-Virus Disease Complex in Wheat” is a NIFA, AFRI, funded Research, Extension, and Education project aimed at developing, deploying, and assessing the adoption of a disease risk assessment and forecasting model for a wheat curl mite (WCM) vectored virus complex in wheat across the Great Plains. The project has five major objectives that serve as guideposts to complete the project over a five-year span. The objectives are to: 1) (Research) develop a risk assessment and disease forecasting model; 2) (Research) determine the impact of environmental conditions, alternate hosts, and management tactics on vector population dynamics and subsequent disease incidence; 3) (Research) identify primary interactions that occur in the wheat-mite-virus disease complex across the Great Plains region; 4) (Extension) increase producer implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) principles for the WCM-vectored virus complex across a wide geographic region; and 5) (Education) develop student training opportunities and resources that use the WCM-vectored virus complex model to demonstrate the principles of biology, ecology, and IPM.

The SBSRC evaluation team is currently working with principal investigators from multiple states—Nebraska, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and North Dakota (and ARS)—across the Great Plains region, contributing to achieving the project objectives. The SBSRC evaluation team is successfully engaging all principal investigators by developing and sharing project logic models, performance measures, survey instruments, and focus-group protocols with them and by helping them collect and analyze evaluation data to measure and report project outputs and outcomes/impacts.

Changsoo Song Research Assistant Professor

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Mindy Anderson-Knott Director of Evaluation and Development

I am the Director of Evaluation and Development, a role in which I connect social and behavioral science researchers with each other and with available resources to enhance their research. I also direct evaluation projects on a wide variety of topics, including health, STEM education, training grants, and many other topics.

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