Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success Evaluation (SPF-PFS)

Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success Evaluation (SPF-PFS)

The SPF Partnerships for Success (PFS) project reduces problems related to underage drinking by preventing the onset and reducing underage drinking among Nebraskans aged 12 to 20. The focus is on targeted sub-populations based on need, established through protective and risk factor indicators. In addition, the project focuses on the importance of equity by addressing identified issues related to race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation status. Using the SPF, this goal is achieved through careful planning, strategic implementation, and effective evaluation. 

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Social & Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium is utilized to conduct the evaluation.  Mindy Anderson-Knott, a certified evaluator, is leading the PFS evaluation.  The evaluation assesses outcomes of Nebraska‚Äôs Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS) project to assess the project in meeting its goals and objectives. These are the SPF PFS evaluation website and helpful links will be posted here throughout the duration of the project.

Training and Technical Assistance Reporting Form for State and RPC Staff

SHARP Project

State Resources - Resources provided by the NE DHHS (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services) Division of Behavioral Health to assist with SPF-PFS efforts statewide.

SPF-PFS Coalition Information - Coalition Contact Information and SPF-PFS Activities


Jennifer Rutt Evaluation Project Manager

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Mindy Anderson-Knott Director of Evaluation and Development

I am the Director of Evaluation and Development, a role in which I connect social and behavioral science researchers with each other and with available resources to enhance their research. I also direct evaluation projects on a wide variety of topics, including health, STEM education, training grants, and many other topics.

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