Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Interest Group Members

Dawn O. Braithwaite (Co-Chair)

  • Willa Cather Professor & Chair
  • Department of Communication Studies 430 Oldfather
  • 402-472-2069
  • dbraithwaite@unl.edu
  • Interpretive Methods, Interviews, Diaries, Focus Groups
  • Relational & Family communication; Stepfamilies, Voluntary (fictive) Kin; Rituals, Dialectics, Discourses of relating in "nontraditional" families
  • https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dawn_Braithwaite, http://comm.unl.edu/dawn-o-braithwaite
  • COMM 984 Interpretive Methods Spring 2017 Tues PM

Wayne A. Babchuk (Co-Chair)

  • Assistant Professor of Practice/Joint appointment
  • Department of Educational Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology
  • 402-472-7942
  • wbabchuk1@unl.edu
  • Grounded theory, Ethnography, Grounded Ethnography, Mixed Methods (Pragmatist) Grounded Theory, Community-Based Participatory Research
  • History, epistemology, and instruction of qualitative research across disciplines, grounded theory, grounded ethnography, “pragmatist” grounded theory, Social media use in the classroom, teaching ethics and the responsible conduct of research, interdisciplinary collaboration, teaching applied and development anthropology, Kalahari San resource rights, San adult education efforts, research  to practice links in minority health care.
  • http://www.unl.edu/anthropology/wayne-babchuk
    • EDPS 900K; Spring, Summer, Fall, 2016; Spring, 2017); EDPS 935: Seminar in Qualitative Research (Spring, 2016, 2017); ANTH 482/882: Ethnographic Methods in Anthropology (Fall 2016, 2017); SOCI 362

Heather E. Bergan-Roller

Rebecca L. Brock

  • Assistant Professor Department of Psychology 220 Burnette Hall
  • Department of Psychology
  • 402-472-7779
  • rebecca.brock@unl.edu
  • SEM, HLM, Longitudinal Data, Dyadic/Family Data
  • Understanding the development of psychopathology (e.g., mood and anxiety disorders) across the lifespan with a focus on the family context and its etiological significance. My research includes the translational goal of developing interventions for preventing and treating individual psychopathology and comorbid family dysfunction.
  • http://psychology.unl.edu/rebecca-brock
  • QMM Classes Upcoming: Class number, title, semester & year expecting to teach (Faculty only) SEM, Spring 2016/Fall 2016, PSYC 930

Denise Bulling

 PhD Senior Research Director, University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Kathy Castle

Theresa Catalano

  • Assistant Professor of Second Language English/Applied Linguistics
  • Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
  • 402-472-2229
  • tcatalano2@unl.edu
  • Critical (multimodal) discourse analysis, critical metaphor analysis
  • "World language pedagogy, teacher education, educational responses to migration, intercultural communication, language and power/ideology Including theoretical perspectives from critical discourse studies, cognitive linguistics and social semiotics

Christopher Chizinski

  • Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management,
  • School of Natural Resources 407 Hardin Hall
  • 402-472-8136
  • cchizinski2@unl.edu
  • On-site Interviews Focus groups
  • Influence of perceptions and regulations on exploitation of fish and wildlife, public perceptions of wildlife
  • http://chrischizinski.github.io/
  • No classes yet. Classes are in development

Lory J. Dance

  • Associate Professor of Sociology & Ethnic Studies,
  • Department of Sociology 723 Oldfather
  • 402-472-2962
  • ldance2@unl.edu
  • Ethnography, Participatory Action Research, Critical Discourse Analysis, Phenomenology, Portraiture
  • Race and Ethnicity, Urban Education, Immigration (especially Middle Eastern Immigrants in Sweden), Intersectionality, Cross National Comparisons of Urban Teens in Sweden and the US
  • http://soc.unl.edu/lory-janelle-tomni-dance, http://ethnicstudies.unl.edu/faculty-staff-resources, http://www.cmes.lu.se/staff/lory-dance/
  • Can offer: Sociology 407/807: Strategies of Social Research- Qualitative Methods Sociology 998: Ethnographic Methods Sociology 998/Middle Eastern Studies MOSP20: Qualitative Inquiry in Global Contexts (video-conferenced course between UNL & Lund U.)

Kirk Dombrowski

Calvin P. Garbin

  • John Weaver Professor of Psychology
  • Department of Psychology
  • 402-472-3721
  • cgarbin1@unl.edu
  • Methodological Specialization, Research design multivariate analysis
  • Aptitude/talent assessment & prediction instructional efficacy
  • http://psych.unl.edu/psycrs/
  • Psyc941 - Fundamentals of Research Design and Data Analysis 1 - each Fall; Psyc942 - Fundamentals of Research Design and Data Analysis 2 - each Spring; Psyc930 - Advanced Quantitative 1-Credit ‘Semanettes’ - several taught each summer or offered as independent study

Liam Heerten-Rodriguez

Courtney Hillebrecht

Michelle C. Howell Smith

  • Research Assistant Professor, Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics
  • Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools, 216 Mabel Lee Hall
  • 402-472-1821
  • mhowellsmith@unl.edu
  • Mixed Methods, Instrument Development, Grounded Theory, Case Study, Psychometrics, Interviews, Focus Groups
  • STEM pipeline, Early intervention, Bullying
  • http://mapacademy.unl.edu/
  • EDPS 936 Introduction to Mixed Methods, Wednesdays 5:00 – 7:20

Dan Hoyt

Jacqueline Huscroft D’Angelo

  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics
  • Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools
  • 216 Mabel Lee Hall
  • 402-472-1821
  • jndangelo@unl.edu
  • Mixed Methods, Instrument Development, Grounded Theory, Case Study, Psychometrics, Interviews, Focus Groups
  • STEM pipeline, Early intervention, Bullying
  • http://mapacademy.unl.edu/

Emily Kazyak

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Sociology and Program in Women's and Gender Studies
  • 725 Oldfather
  • 402-472-3664
  • ekazyak2@unl.edu
  • Interpretive Methods, Interviews, Content Analysis
  • Sexuality & Gender; Family; Identity; Law; Culture
  • http://www.emilykazyak.com

Lisa A. Kort-Butler

  • Associate Professor of Sociology,  Undergraduate Chair
  • Department of Sociology, 718 OldFather Hall
  • (402) 472-6005
  • Lkortbutler2@unl.edu
  • A bit of everything (Jill of several trades, master of none): Content Analysis (Quantitative & Ethnographic); Interviews; Quant methods
  • Adolescent & young adult well-being; Criminology; Sociology of health & mental health; Media representations of deviance and control
  • http://soc.unl.edu/lisa-kort-butler

Patrice McMahon

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Political Science, 525 OLD
  • 402-472-3235
  • pmcmahon2@unl.edu
  • Comparative case studies, Interviews, Archival research, Surveys, Interpretive methods
  • International and human security, Peace building/state building, Human rights, Non-state actors/NGOs, US foreign policy
  • http://polisci.unl.edu/patrice-mcmahon

Angela Palmer-Wackerly

Gilbert R. Parra

Lisa M. PytlikZillig

Loukia K Sarroub

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education, 216D Henzlik Hall
  • 402-472-5166
  • lsarroub@unl.edu
  • Ethnography, Classroom Discourse Analysis & Discourse Analysis, Fieldwork Interviews, Writing-Up Research, Spatial and quantitative analyses (in collaboration)
  • Literacy studies and adolescent literacies; language and culture and sociolinguistic analyses; anthropology and education; cross-cultural studies; immigrant communities in the US and Europe; youth cultures; Middle Eastern populations in the US, including fieldwork and research in Yemeni and Iraqi communities; language and gender; education policy and social analysis
  • http://cehs.unl.edu/tlte/faculty/loukia-k-sarroub/
  • http://cehs01.unl.edu/lsarroub/index.html
  • Classes taught: Ethnographic Research Methods, Spring 2016, Discourse Analysis, Summer 2016, Discourse Analysis, Summer 2016

Marc Warburton

  • Professor, National Security Director
  • Department of Political Science 503 OLD
  • 402-312-1075
  • mwarburton2@unl.edu