Native Families for Native Children (NF4NC)

Native Families for Native Children (NF4NC)

Native Families for Native Children (NF4NC) administered through the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska is designed to expand upon successful child welfare efforts of States and Tribes in building cooperation and collaboration among child welfare partners toward recruitment and retention of Native resource families that supports the traditions, culture and needs of Native American communities. The project seeks to revise and field test foster and kinship training to be culturally responsive and effective for Native people while also developing Native trainers to conduct foster and kinship care training, support community leaders, and to serve as consultants for others outside of Siouxland who are interested in replicating the practices.


The NF4NC evaluation includes:

  • Formative and summative assessment related to:
  • The process of creating the infrastructure, policy and practice to recruit, license and retain Native resource families.
  • The hiring and training and retention of resources family recruiters.
  • Assessing barriers to Native resource family recruitment and retention.
  • Assessing and informing the ongoing development of TIPS-MAPP N/A a culturally relevant training pre-service training program for Native resource families, developed by Native people in collaboration with the Children’s Alliance.

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