Minority Health Initiative Grant Evaluation (MHI)

Minority Health Initiative Grant Evaluation (MHI)

The Nebraska Legislature appropriates funds for the purpose of implementing a minority health initiative in counties with minority populations of five percent or greater in the first and third Congressional Districts as determined by the most recent federal decennial census. Per the United States Census, minority populations include Black/African American, American Indian/Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Other, Two or more Races, and Hispanic populations. The emphasis of the MHI program is to enable organizations to better address the goal of health equity for minority populations. MHI grantees address the following priorities in the 2015-2017 grant cycle: obesity, cardiovascular disease, infant mortality, pre-diabetes, and diabetes.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Social & Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium is utilized to conduct the statewide evaluation of the MHI grant. The state-wide evaluation focuses on both outcome and process efforts.


Cole Boyle Evaluation Project Manager

Mindy Anderson-Knott Director of Evaluation and Development