Engineering the Cell-Biomaterial Interface for Nonviral Gene Delivery (CAREER)

Engineering the Cell-Biomaterial Interface for Nonviral Gene Delivery (CAREER)

 The CAREER titled “Engineering the Cell-Biomaterial Interface for Nonviral Gene Delivery” is an NSF-funded project that aims to identify key components and architecture features of the ECM that modulate cell behavior and thus nonviral gene delivery (scientific objective) and to promote inquiry-based learning experiences for students through curriculum development, research experiences, and outreach workshops (educational objective). The project is expected to integrate research and education by extending the results of the scientific objective into teaching, training, and learning exercises for students at all educational levels. The principal investigator (PI: Dr. Angela K. Pannier) promotes inquiry–based learning through development of biomedical engineering (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering) courses that incorporate primary literature articles, which serve to make fundamental concepts relevant to current topics in the field as well as enhance the ability of the students to critically assess a research project. In addition, the PI is committed to providing mentored research experiences, through the design of a new teaching laboratory to incorporate laboratory components into courses.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium (SBSRC) provides consultations for the evaluation of the educational objective of the CAREER. The SBSRC help the PI develop survey instruments to assess educational outcomes (e.g., knowledge and confidence), collect and analyze data (e.g., implementation of mentee surveys), and report evaluation results.


Changsoo Song Research Assistant Professor

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Mindy Anderson-Knott Director of Evaluation and Development

I am the Director of Evaluation and Development, a role in which I connect social and behavioral science researchers with each other and with available resources to enhance their research. I also direct evaluation projects on a wide variety of topics, including health, STEM education, training grants, and many other topics.

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