CAREER: Dynamic Crystal Synthesis

CAREER: Dynamic Crystal Synthesis

Dr. Stephen Morin’s NSF funded CAREER Award aims to generate new strategies for the microfabrication of hybrid structures with morphologically-controlled cystalline components. Several outreach and training activities are being implemented to increase representation in STEM, with much of the work focused specifically on Native American students. More information about his research can be found here (


In conjunction with the Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR), the SBSRC provides both formative and summative evaluation support for this program. 

Mindy Anderson-Knott Director of Evaluation and Development

I am the Director of Evaluation and Development, a role in which I connect social and behavioral science researchers with each other and with available resources to enhance their research. I also direct evaluation projects on a wide variety of topics, including health, STEM education, training grants, and many other topics.

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