The Biology of Human Project

The Biology of Human Project

The Biology of Human Project is an innovative learning research-based science education program designed to increase awareness of and understanding about new biomedical research developments pertaining to human biology. Biology of Human aims to provide a sophisticated science education outreach package for youth and families, educators and librarians, and provide professional development experiences for middle and high school level science teachers. The project’s goal is to leverage the latest biomedical information and innovations through a dynamic suite of educational and dissemination strategies and research-driven approach grounded in sociology to broadly educate youth and adults about human biology. A team led by the University of Nebraska State Museum the Department of Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the NIH/NCRR-funded Nebraska Center for Virology is working with science writers, kids, and educators to complete three specific aims: 1) stimulate interest in and understanding of biomedical research’s importance to diverse individuals’ health communities and environments; 2) establish partnerships among science educators biomedical researchers science journalists and others to create dynamic educational resources focused on biomedical research developments and human biology; and 3) increase youths’ interest in biomedical science.
The SBSRC is conducting both program evaluation and social science research as an integral part of this project.


Trish Wonch Hill Assistant Director of the Methodology Evaluation and Research Core (MERC)

I am the Assistant Director of the Methodology & Evaluation Research Core Facility under SBSRC and Research Assistant Professor of Sociology. I oversee multiple evaluation projects in a variety of areas with a primary focus on research and evaluation on outcomes of informal STEM learning in K-16 education.

Methodology and Evaluation Research Core

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Amy N Spiegel

Amy N. Spiegel Research Associate Professor

Center for Instructional Innovation

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