Amy N. Spiegel

Amy N. Spiegel Research Associate Professor

As a Research Associate Professor at the Methodology & Evaluation Research Core Facility (MERC) and the Center for Instructional Innovation, I have had the opportunity to do evaluation work on a variety of projects at UNL.  Most of my work has focused in the areas of mathematics and science education, both formal and informal, K-16.  I earned a B.A. from Rice University with a multidisciplinary degree in American Cultural Studies and a M.A./Ed.S. and Ph.D. from University of Minnesota in Educational Psychology, with a focus on Measurement and Evaluation.  I am currently serving as part of an interdisciplinary evaluation and research team for the Biology of Human Project, funded by NIH SEPA (Science Education Partnership Award).  This project creates innovative outreach materials and programs to help youth and adults understand themselves by exploring scientific principles that underlie modern research in human biology.  I am also part of the external evaluation team for the ARISE Program, an institutional-level program aimed at enriching the way STEM courses are taught at UNL.  The evaluation team is led by Dr. James K. L. Hammerman, Director of SEEC at TERC in Boston. Read Amy N. Spiegel's Vita here.

Amy N Spiegel