Alian Kasabian

Alian Kasabian Research Assistant Professor

I am a Research Assistant Professor at the Methodology & Evaluation Research Core Facility (MERC), and have a courtesy appointment with the Department of Sociology at UNL. I came to Lincoln for graduate school, earned a PhD in Sociology with a minor in Survey Research and Methodology from UNL, and decided I liked Lincoln so much I wanted to stay. My work is primarily in evaluation and survey methodology. I oversee projects across a variety of domains, such as Native Families for Native Children (a Native American foster care grant), annual Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) reporting, and GeoPaths (aka Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Pathways into Geoscience (IUSE:GEOPATHS)). I also consult on new grant proposals, assist with advanced statistical methods, and teach data collection methods as part of MERC’s training program. My own research is on the measurement of gender in surveys (see my dissertation for a mixed mode analysis of one type of gender measure), and issues of data quality and item nonresponse.

Recent public work:

Kasabian, Alian, and Jenn Rutt. 2017. Leaving Room for Gender Diversity: Practical Lessons from a Blank Line in a Conservative State. Paper presented at the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Habecker, Patrick, and Alian Kasabian. 2017. Predicting Postmaster Returns in a Nebraska ABS Frame using Characteristics of the Address and Carrier. Poster presented at the AAPOR meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Hill, Patricia Wonch, Alian Kasabian, Mindy Anderson-Knott, and Amy Bearskin-Painter. 2017. “Making it Work: Adaptations for Indigenous Partnerships.” In K. Dombrowski and K. Gocchi Carrasco (Eds.) Reducing Health Disparities: Research Updates from the Field. Pp.125-40. UNL Minority Health Disparities Initiative.

Kasabian, Alian. 2017. Workforce Development Survey. Invited presentation to the Nebraska Prevention Advisory Council. Lincoln, NE.

Kasabian, Alian. 2016. Sex in Surveys: How the Question Changes the Answer. Paper presented at the AAPOR meeting. Austin, TX.

Alian Kasabian