Past Features

Connecting with Social Sciences

Connecting with social and behavioral science expertise at UNL

The  Research Fair 2016 is proud to present Connecting with social and behavioral science expertise at UNL. 

Have you ever had a great idea, but were mission one or more pieces of expertise? Finding that social and behavioral expertise can be quite a process, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium has created a framework to help UNL Researchers navigate these vast resources. 

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Whittier Research Center

Social and Behavioral Sciences Voucher Seed Grant Program

The SBSRC initiated a novel voucher seed grant program to facilitate new connections between NU faculty and research support services leading to published research and grant submissions.

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Dr. Virginia Chaidez

SBSRC’s first Voucher Award

SBSRC’s first Voucher Award connected Dr. Virginia Chaidez, Nutrition & Health Sciences assistant professor, with the BOSR and facilitated the development of an interdisciplinary collaboration. The BOSR provided transcription services of her Community Health Worker (CHW) interviews, which allowed her time to spend on higher-level research activities.

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